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Internationalisation Service

Step 1: Feasibility

Step 2: Logistics

Step 3: Promotion

  • •Analysis of the product and verification of the possession of the prerequisites to import it to China.


  • •Evaluation of the positioning parameters into the Chinese market.


  • •Identification of suitable marketing strategies for product promotion within our partners portfolio, aimed at B2B, B2C or digital channels.


  • •Analysis of commercial activities, in order to asses the sustainable future commercialization of the product.

  • •Import of the product from Italy to China. 

  • •Detailed cost quantification and fulfillment of the different procedures requested by current laws, both from a sanitary and administrative perspective.

  • •Storage and handling of the products in our warehouse in Shanghai with highly qualified personnel. 

  • •Promotional activities aimed at the potential clientele, making use of multiple channels:
    - IT Platforms (e-commerce, e-promotion).
    - Personalized events.
    - Fairs and showcases participation.
    - All-round dedicated resources (Brand Ambassador).

  • •Upon completion of a fruitful activity of promotion, our partner companies will guarantee the capillary distribution of the products to clients within the entirety of the Chinese territory.


Preparatory Service

  • A - Documents Pre-Verification:  Support in the preparation of all the necessary documentation to import in China and verification of congruity with the requests of governmental authorities, both from a sanitary and administrative perspective.

  • B - Product Tab: Creation of a product sheet where necessary informations and procedures to enter the Chinese market are summarized and explained in detail.

  • C - Brand Registration: Translation of the brand name into Chinese characters and registration on behalf of your company.

  • D - Outer-Label Production: The production of an outer label in Chinese is an essential requisite for the introduction of your products into the Chinese market according to current laws in China. 

Import Service

  • A - Import Procedure Verification: Close documental pre-verification of all inherent sanitary and administrative formalities finalized at importing the products.

  • B - Italian Logistics: Organization of the transportation from our closest logistic platform to our warehouse in Cina. This is arranged through our trusted shipping partner.

  • C - Customs Clearance: Direct links with customs authorities, contributing to a positive outcome for product clearance.

  • D - Storage: Storing service in our warehouse, adequately equipped to handle products of different characteristics based on every need and temperature. From dry, to refrigerated, to frozen, we are equipped to handle any F&B product.

  • E - Logistics in China: Shipping of the products to any location in China, in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Truck and Warehouse
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