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Promotional Service

A - Back-Office Administration: Handling all administrative aspects such as contract, order, delivery note, invoice, customer service.

B - Events and Fair Participation: The possibility of participating to the most representative and high profile events and fairs in relation to the typology of the product. Local assistance for subscription, preparatory and handling stages of the fair will be provided. Extra costs will be in charge of the client.

C - Brand Ambassador: Identification of an appropriate resource to handle all promotional and developmental activities for product sale. The resource will periodically update companies on the current situation of promotional efforts and provide adequate support for commercial and strategic initiatives.

All further personalizations of marketing services are available on request. Please contact us for your specific requirements and to obtain an indicative price list. 

Globalization concept

D - Cascino: The product will be added to the catalogue of Cascino Trading and its further promotional platforms, tailored for the retail market and the great distribution (B2B).

E - DailyNeeds: The product will be added to the e-commerce platform DailyNeeds, tailored for the retail online shopping market (B2C).


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