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C&C collectively serves above 4500 clients across Mainland China. We take care of the import, promotion, and distribution of your product in China, both from a B2B and B2C perspective, enacting limitless opportunities for success and easing the practice of entering your product into the Chinese market. While our primary competencies lie on the F&B sector, our services are not limited to this sole industry.



Established in 2014 in Shanghai, Cascino operates within the entire territory of China. Shanghai Cascino Trading Co. Ltd. is a leading distributor of imported food and beverage in Mainland China. Its client profile mainly consists in high-end restaurants and hotels. The company promotes and distributes high quality brands successfully, due to its great knowledge and experience in China.


DailyNeeds is a dedicated e-commerce platform for online retail shopping of food & beverage products. The uniqueness of DailyNeeds lies in the fact that the products are imported directly by us. Their aim is to provide competitive prices for their clients and striving to offer product of optimal quality.


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